Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mexican Egg

I just made this up for breakfast. It makes a great breakfast or brunch meal. What you do is, you fry eggs, and put seasoned salt, and regular pepper on it, with a lot of taco cheese spread on top, and a dash of pizza cheese. It is delicious to eat for a snack or any time of day for any meal. Try this and comment how you think it was. Take my word for it, it is something you won't regret eating!!

Monday, April 18, 2011


I'd just like to know who is coming to Rochester this Summer. I know Stacey's children will possibly come up for 2 weeks in June or July.. I think June. It would be great to get all of the family together here because there are so many things we could do together. I know the Hand family normally comes to Rochester every Summer for a bit, but I'd just like to see who else might accompany us.


Well for the 3rd quarter grades I have 3 A+'s, and 3 A's. I have an A+ in gym..... Go figure. Also, I will be playing for the Greece Cardinals football team this fall. Practice starts in August so everyone knows.

Monday, February 21, 2011


I'm extremely happy with the Superbowl. Especialy since the Packers are my team. I couldn't believe they had actualy won the game against the Steelers.


I haven't been on the blogoshpere in quite a while now, and my grades have seemed to have stayed in the same place. So, in other words I'm doing pretty well in school right now. We have made it official that next year I'm going to do Accelerated Math & Science. I wil also take ASL ( American Sign Language). As most of you know I'm turning 12 on Wednesday!!! I can't believe I'm getting older. Another year has surpassed in my life; but it brought me Jackson as a little brother, and Porter earlier in the year as my cousin. I look forward to seeing you all sometime. We should have a get together in Rochester sometime with the whole family. That sounds quite enjoyable.

Saturday, December 18, 2010


I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas this y!ear. Especially Porter and Jackson since it's their first Christmas. But for everyone else I hope you get everything you have wished for. Whoever came up with the new way of doing the family Christmas transition I love it. It works great. I can't believe Minnesota got as much snow as they did, especially after seeing what had happened to the Minnesota Vikings roof on their football stadium. Yet again I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas! I hope you all enjoy what you receive, but know that its better to give than to receive.

Merry Christmas,

6th Grade.

I haven't been on my blog in a bit, but here I am now keeping up with all of the latest news, sharing news of my own. School so far has been quite better than expected. I wasn't exactly sure at first before school started if I wanted to go to school like I have over the years. Well anyways my grades are pretty good.
In gym I had an A, in Home & Careers I had an A+, in Math I had an A, as so I did for Social Studies and Science. My worst grade was a B+ in E.L.A. or English Language Arts. Currently I am writing a mystery in E.L.A. My story is about a Detective that has to find the criminal who stole an Apple pie! I thought we had to do child friendly story's which didn't matter, so of course everyone else had robbery's, murders and other sorts of crimes. But get this, my story so far is the longest at almost 6 pages long, and everyone else is still on their first or second page!!! I found that hilarious. In Home & Careers we just finished up for the next month, cooking! Our first food we had to make in our kitchens was mini-calzones. We could only make two, so I made a pepperoni and cheese calzone, and a broccoli and cheese calzone. I have to say the broccoli and cheese was definitely better. I brought home the recipe and made it for mom and I. We both agreed that it tasted wonderful. I saved some for John because he had been at work that night and told me in a note on the counter the next morning that he wrote that it tasted great! The second thing we had to make was granola. That tasted pretty good. Just Friday we made double oat breakfast cookies. We put to much oats in because two people in my group put in a 1/2 cup of oats each, when your really only supposed to put in 1/2. It still turned out pretty well. I got a great complement from my Home & Careers teacher. She said in front of the whole class that she wouldn't mind having 30 more of me. I was quite honered. Well that's it for now, when I find something else to put on my blog I will be back.